Granitestone 20-Piece - Cook, Steam & Bake Set with Kitchen Utensils

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"Covering" all your bases! The Complete cookware set consists of bakeware, cookware, a steamer and nylon utensils. Encompassing everything you'll need for prepping, cooking, baking and more with the added benefit of nylon utensils that will help preserve the lifetime of your cookware. 



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LaKeshia Coleman
Best purchase ever

As a lover of all things Granitestone the purchase was really good .


Great stuff wish I had come across this set sooner....


Wife loves cooking with all products

LEO Thompson

If you order the black color they give you cheap thin uncomfortable handles that they don’t on other colors. I have no idea why they choose to cheat these sets and cheat their customers this way. No mater how good the pans are you are reminded of how cheap this company decided to go only on the black sets! I would gladly buy the other handles if they would let me. I wish i had not thrown my other set away after 15 years because I would have switched the handles!

Everett S Butler
Buyer Beware!

This company misrepresents both the quality of their products and their promise of a "full return" if not satisfied. We purchased a set off of a tv add. They make everything sound so good. We tried to fry some eggs and they came out looking like rubber and had no taste. We called the company and requested a refund but were told that we would have to pay for the shipping costs which were $45.00. I requested a supervisor to consider an override of the policy. They agreed to consider it and would get back to me within 3 days or so. They never responded, so i called again. It was a waste of time. I could have purchased their pans from a store and would have had the option of returning them for free. But, they are poor quality pans that strip the taste from the food.
If you buy from this company, be sure to ask every possible question, and get their answers in writing. Buyer beware!

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