Granitestone - The Family Pan - 14" Extra Large Skillet

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The Family Pan is our biggest, most durable pan we've made. Meal prep? Family dinner? No problem, the Family Pan can handle it all. We know that cooking can sometimes be a hassle - we want to make it easy for you, so you can enjoy more time at the table with your loved ones. 

Product Features:

Non-Stick (We mean it)
  • Our mineral-infused cooking surface guarantees the most non-stick surface you have ever cooked on. Everything slides right off the pan. No need for oil or butter!
More Layers, More Durability
  • Thicker than standard pans. Extremely durable, scratch-proof and metal utensil safe.
Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot
  • Pressed from a single piece of aluminum. Even heating all around with no soft areas or hotspots.
Do You Even Lift?
  • Coming in at just 2.6 pounds, The Family Pan makes for an extremely comfortable cooking experience.
If You Can't Take The Heat...
  • Transfer from stovetop to oven with ease. Oven safe up to 500°F.
Dishwasher Safe
  • Toss The Family Pan in the dishwasher for the easiest family dinner cleanup ever.
Keepin' It Cool
  • Our ergonomic stainless steel handles make cooking a breeze. Transferring from kitchen to table has never been easier.
No PFOA Here
  • We take your health seriously. All of our Granite Stone products are PFOA free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 251 reviews

The pan warped the first time I used it. It doesn’t heat evenly

Paul Passarelli
This was the 3rd of three items ordered, and the second one damaged in shipping.

The company chooses to ship the products out completely unprotected. That's their choice to save the cost of packaging. But it also means they should be prepared to ship out replacements when a product arrives bent, crushed, damaged, etc.

Bottom line, the 12" & 14" pans are cheap pieces of crap, but with a pretty good non-stick coating. I tried hammering out the dents, but aluminum work hardens quickly. I posted pictures previously.

The 8" is small enough to have arrived intact.

Chad LaValley
Great pan

It’s a great pan used it a dozen times so far.

Thomas O'Meara
14" Pan with lid, now turned into a wok.

This pan is not even CLOSE to the quality or build of the 12" version. This thing warped and turned itself into a wok as soon as the bottom was heated so now it will never again sit flat on a stovetop. It just rocks back and forth and has a terrible hot spot in the center with cold edges. This was a HUGE disappointment after having a very good experience with the smaller 12" version. My recommendation, stay away.

Two out of three items damaged in shipping.

I bought three pans. Two of the three were damaged in shipping due to lack of packaging materials by the fulfillment house. The contents rattle around inside and the mostly empty boxes provide no crush protection. Amazon can get away with that silliness because their distribution centers are usually close to the point of delivery.

The 3rd small 8" pan arrived intact, and it makes a nice grilled cheese sandwich if you don't mind toasting the bread one slice at a time. FWIW the non-stick coating appears to live up to the claims and is as tough as the Project Farm (YouTube) comparison indicated.

I'm disappointed because management appears to have made a value decision to save costs by having the pans shipped unprotected. Well that saves $$$ on every pan shipped, but it is only a wise decision if they take responsibility when a pan arrived damaged due to improper packaging. That's why I'm giving a 2/5 star review, it's all about the math. Photos showing the damage attached

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