Granitestone Stackmaster Stackable 10 Piece Cookware Set plus Utensils - Induction Capable

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8 Pieces of induction compatible, completely stackable pans, pots & lids with 2 utensils for you to get started right away on your culinary adventures.

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Billy Rusch
Not satisfied

After putting this product through the paces of home country cooking the wife or myself are not very satisfied,
One of the pots has warped in the dishwasher and looks to be a little worn on the inside… not completely satisfied with this product…

Kimberly Dawn Smith
Warped/Smashed 5Qt Pot. Poor customer service

Upon opening the box I found that the 5qt pot was flat on one side however the box was in good shape with no signs of damage, so I don't think it was damaged from rough handling. I also noticed others complaints for this same issue so it seems like a manufacturing issue. Even if the pot was somehow damaged during shipment, the manufacturer is responsible for the way the pans are packaged inside box. Since the outside of the box wasn't damaged then the pot was either smashed when it was being packed into the box or it was able to move around inside the box during transit. Either way, it definitely wasn't caused from rough handling otherwisethe box would have been smashed or dented. That being said I contacted granitestone to have the one pot replaced but since I purchased the set from Walmart they wouldn'treplacethe pan and wanted me to go throughWalmart, even though everything indicated this as a packaging issue at granitestone. So now i have to return the entire pan set through Walmart when all I wanted was a new pot. Now I'm hesitant whether to buy another set because 1.) I don't think they would honor their warranty considering the way they handled this issue and 2.) I'm pretty confident that this issue was caused from the way they packaged the pans in the box and I really don't want to go through this again. 😩

Virginia Baker

So I see I'm not the only one with debris between the metal and glass on my lids. I just noticed this after several years of using the stackable pots/pans.

Noretia Bomman
Lids are bad

My complaint is the lids. With the ring its sobhard to clean. There is always water and food left in the ring of the lid. I have not figured out how to clean. Because if this I don't use the set. I've purchased another set of pots snd pans. These are a waste. Like previous reviewer I tossed the box and receipt before discovering this. Other than the lids the pots I like. V

Herbert Barnett
Not induction capable

I got the 12 piece stackable set, because it said induction capable. No it is not, they are made of aluminum and induction uses magnetic waves to transfer heat. Impossible with a pot that is not magnetic. I threw away the box and receipt before I figured this out, now I am stuck with an entire cook ware set I can not use.

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