Granitestone 12 Piece All-Sizes Cookware Set - Includes 14" Family Pan and 5.5" Egg Pan

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Our popular "Get it Together" 10 pc cookware set PLUS a Jumbo 14" Family skillet and adorable 5.5" personal sized egg skillet added in.

For the whole spectrum of sizes Granitestone offers!

Customer Reviews

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We love them and so easy to clean!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


So far we love them we’ve only had them about a month but so far they have out done all they represent in their commercials

Bonnie Clark
Customer service sucks

Oh I wish I could leave a review of your product but I never received your product. When contacting customer service for an update on my order was told to be patient, it's the busy time of year. Which is why I ordered at the beginning of December. Didn't think it was as busy. Once I suggested you search for the package that appeared to be lost or never sent and overnight a new order as to not disappoint the recipient at Christmas, I received a generic standard auto response of "you will be refunded". Attached is a lovely picture of what I received, NOTHING. NICE RECORD KEEPING.

Bruce Lowman
Great value

I saw the previous reviews which were not kind. However, I have a different opinion. This cookware is a great value. Yes, it is lightweight, but it is durable and the non-stick coating is excellent. I ditched an older set of Calphalon in favor of these. If you need a vanity set of cookware, you'll spend 4-5 times as much. This is a great every day product in my opinion.

Kelly Wyatt
Warped 14” Family Pan

While overall the product appears to work fine, the large 14” Family Pan arrived warped. I have no idea how that could be possible. It was too much trouble to exchange it, particularly after reviewing the comments from purchasers regarding the lack of customer service in connection with returns. I am almost grateful there is no lid, as it would never fit. Luckily, it is flat so can still be used. The product ‘feels’ cheaper than expected, rather than feeling solid

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