Granitestone Armor Max 12'' Fry Pan

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  • GRANITESTONE ARMOR MAX: Each piece of Granitestone Armor Max cookware is built to last a lifetime while simultaneously providing the best nonstick experience ever produced by Granitestone. The heavy duty, forged, hard anodized exterior paired with a 4-layer nonstick interior ensures you have top of the market nonstick cookware for years to come.
  • BUILT TO LAST YEARS: Granitestone Armor Max is constructed from forged, heavy duty, hard anodized aluminum stronger than stainless steel designed to last 10,000 dishwasher cycles, ensuring your nonstick cookware lasts for years on end.
  • NOTHING STICKS: Think healthier foods, easy food release, and effortless cleanups with Granitestone Armor Max- Each piece of cookware features a 4-layer ultra release nonstick coating designed to slide foods right off and durable enough to withstand any metal utensils, spatulas, spoons, whisks and even electric beaters!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Make cleanups quick and effortless with Granitestone Armor Max- The ultra nonstick 4 Layer coating is constructed to provide an effortless wipe down after use. Each piece of cookware is dishwasher safe allowing you to simply throw your cookware in the dishwasher for a 1,2,3 cleanup.
  • HEALTH AND SAFETY 1ST: Each Piece of cookware is made without PFOA, PFOS & other harmful chemicals including lead & cadmium, allowing you to Keep a healthy and non toxic cooking environment.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE HANDLES: Granitestone Armor Max’s stainless steel riveted stay cool handles are ergonomically designed for a safe, easy, and comfortable grip both righties and lefties can enjoy while cooking while keeping their hands safe.
  • INDUCTION COMPATIBLE: Granitestone Armor Max is compatible with all types of stovetops- Induction, gas, electric, halogen, and ceramic – and is oven safe up to 500 Degrees, allowing you to cook virtually anywhere you’d like.
  • QUICK AND EVEN HEATING: Forged from a single sheet of hard anodized aluminum, each piece of cookware quickly and evenly conducts heat from end to end, ensuring there are no dead zones or hot spots and providing deliciously and perfectly cooked foods day in and day out.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Elizabeth England
Misleading about how impervious to scratches it is

This is a Meh pan. It is quite light so heats up fast and can quickly burn food cooking. I thought it wiuld be a heavier pan. To use and avoid scratched fry area don’t use a fork or a knife etc so the ads are quite misleading. It no better or stronger than any pan u could by at Target for 2/2 price. Disappointed I fell for marking fluff

Christina Blair
Love this pan

I used to have Calphalon pans but got rid of them all when I got the Granitestone. I love how the food doesn’t stick to the pan. Although, I think my favorite thing about the pan is it is dishwasher safe.

Nice Pan but Warped

Put pan on stove for first time on medium heat setting. Poured oil in pan. Watched as the oil spread to the sides leaving all of the middle of the pan bare. Looked at the underside of the pan and could see the middle was clearly warped upwards.

It's a nice looking skillet but not good for sauteeing.

Glen Macduffie
Won't work on induction cooktop

Purchased this hoping to replace frypan saying it works on induction cooktop but it won't on mine!


Granitestone Armor Max 12'' Fry Pan

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