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20 PC Kitchen in A Box Pro Series - Hard Anodized - Non-Stick

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Our complete non-stick granite-coated 20-piece set has everything you’ll need for cooking healthy meals in your kitchen. The triple-layered rock covering is thicker than most pans, extremely durable, and resists scratches like no other non-stick pan in the market. Pressed from a single piece of aluminum provides even heat distribution throughout each of our pans. Stay cool handles make stovetop cooking a breeze.

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Bought the pans a year and a half ago. I liked them so much that I ordered the jumbo quart cooker that wasn’t included I’m the set. The lid showed up damaged. I reached out to customer service for a replacement and it took almost a year to the day for it to arrive, and when it did it was the wrong size. Called customer service only to be lectured that I didn’t buy the pan from them and would not be receiving the correct lid or a refund. As it turns out, is a different company than granitestone. None of it made sense. They were rude and confusing. No solution. Spend your money somewhere else folks


Worked very well in the beginning, but after 4 months of average use, I have already had to replace two frying pans (different company). Would not recommend and definitely NOT order again. I spent more than I usually would, hoping to have a set to last a long time. Very disappointed. I even treated them per instructions before using them. Buyer Beware.

Sharon Thompson

Worst pans I have ever bought. Bought the 13 piece set. Advertised that it was scratch free. Able to withstand metal utensils. After just 3 weeks if using a metal spoon to make eggs. They were scratched badly. There was a lifetime warranty with it. They did not stand up to that. Was told that they could not do it because i did not have recipe because it had faded. Recipe from Walmart. But I did register it on line. Terrible customer service. Horrible pans! Do not buy!

Valerie Thompson
Scratches very easily on the outside!

The cookware scratches easily on the outside but I love cooking with it. Really don’t like the scratches as it makes it look cheap. Interior is good!

Benjamin Davila
not happy

I tried cooking an omelette and it kept getting stuck to the sides of the pan. not easy as on TV.

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