Granitestone Piezano - Countertop Stone Fired Pizza Oven

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Achieve delectable, homemade pizzeria-style pies right from your countertop; bake your customized version on the natural ceramic stone surface and savor a cheesy, crispy-crusted pizza cooked without turning on your oven. Piezano takes it up to 800˚F, allowing you to attain the great crust results you'd find in a pizzeria, while adjustable top and bottom heat settings and a built-in thermometer display enable you to monitor the cooking process and fine-tune the temperature for an even bake. Plug it in and revel in its everyday convenience; suction cups on the bottom will keep it securely in place.

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Customer Reviews

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M. N.
Excellent !

This is the best. We love pizza and this is super easy and quick! Highly recommend!


Everything about this machine is perfection!
Easy to use right out of the box! Stone gets extremely hot , crust comes out perfectly!
I’ve been making flatbreads for breakfast as well as pizza!

Stacy Hernandez

I love pizza and this makes perfect pizza. Highly recommend if you like pizza this is the way to go.
It is fun way to do dinner as a family.

Kathryn Rodriguez
“Cool Mom” Hack

My boys are obsessed it’s so fun the crust is fabulous!
It’s delicate so, although it’s old lady of me I would keep the box to store if you don’t have room in your cabinets. But this thing is so fun. I make homemade dough and we usually do 4 pizzas, each person gets their own. Few pointers. 1. Always flour the paddles before you lift pizza make it slide off easier 2. keep your topping one level for even cooking 3. Calzones bake well but put them on the outside not in the middle and carefully coat with a fat so that it doesn’t drip into the stone.

Tina Cunnington
We love it.

We have really enjoyed making pizzas in our piazano. It heats up pretty quick. We do prefer the pizza a little lighter so we turn the heat down a couple mins after it’s in. I love that the clean up is so easy also.