Granitestone Piezano Indoor/Outdoor Pizza Oven with Starter Kit

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Experience the authentic taste of stone-oven baked pizza in the comfort of your own home with the innovative Piezano pizza oven. A 12” pizza stone made of natural ceramic allows you to make a pizza with a perfectly charred, crispy crust in less than 6 minutes. Temperature settings on the top and bottom and a built-in thermometer display give you full control over the heat for even cooking. A window display lets you watch as it cooks. This electrical appliance fits on your countertop and cooks without heating up your home like a traditional oven. Plus with its 800˚F maximum, you have the ideal baking conditions to get a crispy crust every time. Perhaps the most important part is customization–whether you’re vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, or a meat lover, you can make the pie just the way you want. It’s also ready to make quesadillas, calzones, and other snacks. Pizza aficionados everywhere will appreciate the ease and efficiency of making pizza at home.

DELICIOUS HOMEMADE PIZZA: Experience the taste of pizzeria-style pies right from home. Bake your personalized version on the stone surface and enjoy a cheesy, crispy crust pizza made in your kitchen, without turning on your oven.

6 MINUTE BAKE TIME: Once your pizza is prepped, place it on the stone surface, set the temperature, and watch it cook. Thin crust pies fully bake in under 6 minutes!

HEATS UP TO 800˚F: Ovens typically only go up to 450-500˚F, preventing you from achieving the crispy crust that’s a pizzeria standard. Piezano takes it all the way up to 800˚F so you get great crust results every time.

STONE-BAKED PIES: A flat 12” pizza stone made of natural ceramic transfers heat while cooking so your pizza bakes evenly, resulting in a crispy crust. Once done, the stone is removable for easy cleaning.

ADJUSTABLE HEAT CONTROL: Top and bottom heat settings give you full control over the temperature for a more even bake. A built-in thermometer display lets you monitor the cooking process for ideal baking conditions.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR PIZZA: Need a gluten-free version that’s celiac friendly? Or perhaps craving a Sicilian-style pie with extra cheese? Tailor it to your tastes and needs! Make a New York meat lover pie or a dairy-free veggie pie–the choice is yours!

WATCH YOUR FOOD COOK: A viewing window on top lets you peek in to see the baking process. Monitor as the cheese slowly melts on top of your pizza.

ELECTRIC POWERED: Plug your Piezano into the nearest outlet. Place it on your countertop for everyday convenience. Base suction cups on the bottom prevent it from sliding all over the place.

TAKE IT ANYWHERE: Cook pizzeria-style pies from the dorm, RV, patio, or anywhere with an electrical outlet. Weighing in at just 8.3lbs, it’s light enough to take with you wherever you go. And with its easy-lift handles, you can easily carry it to your desired location.

MAKE MORE THAN PIZZA: Cook quesadillas, calzones, and other snacks. Or heat up frozen pies in a fraction of the time.

Piezano Pizza Accessory Starter Set:

This 3-piece set has all the essential tools you’ll need to make your own pizza, including bamboo cutting board, pizza dough roller, and pizza cutter. The bamboo roller and cutting board facilitate easy dough preparation, while the razor-sharp cutter effortlessly slices through any crust. All are crafted from durable, non-toxic materials for safe and reliable use. Safety features such as a protective finger guard and ergonomic handle ensure peace of mind during use. After enjoying your delicious pizza, simply hand wash the set with warm water and soap for easy cleanup.

PIEZANO PIZZA ACCESSORY STARTER SET: Get ready for pizza night! The Piezano 3-piece pizza starter accessory set features the tools you need to serve pizza to your hungry family and friends. Pair it with the Piezano pizza oven for the full experience.

COMPLETE 3-PIECE TOOL SERIES: Serve like a pizza pro! This set has all the essentials including a bamboo cutting board, pizza dough roller, and pizza cutter.

DURABLY MADE: Non-toxic, food-safe materials are used. Rust-resistant stainless steel and bamboo wood handles materials are used to craft your accessory set. All are made to withstand regular use, making them a long-lasting addition to your kitchen.

EFFORTLESS SLICING: A razor-sharp stainless steel pizza cutter is ready to divide up your pie. Each easily cuts its way through any crust.

ROLL OUT YOUR DOUGH: Homemade becomes easier with a cutting board and roller that makes it easier for you to make your own dough. Use the cutting for other purposes once you’re done.

SAFETY FEATURES: A protective finger guard and ergonomic handle on the stainless steel cutter helps protect you from unwanted mishaps.

STORES AWAY NEATLY: Display your wood cutting board in your kitchen. A hanging hole at the end allows you to easily hang it from a hook or peg, saving on storage space.

HAND WASH ONLY: Use warm water and a little soap to clean your set once you’re done with your meal.

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