Granitestone Stretch & Fresh 12-Piece Food Storage Container Set

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AIR TIGHT and LEAK-RESISTANT: Stretch and Fresh is the amazing, new food storage container that uses food-grade silicone-lined lids to shut in moisture and eliminate air oxidation, sealing in freshness and allowing for food to last longer than the traditional plastic cling-wrap and other standard food storage containers. What’s more, the Stretch and Fresh also resists leaking. Store soup, or sauces for later uses without completely messing up your refrigerator with spills and leaks!
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Customer Reviews

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Dawn Wilkinson
Amazing 😁

The first food saver items I have bought since Tupperware...
I absolutely love them!

Celeste Helriegel

The plastic containers are cheaply made, tear and don’t lock

Corky Henderson
Horrible customer service

I received two pots that were bent so that the lids would not fit. I’ve tried countless times to submit warranty claims and replacement requests to no avail. It’s been well over a month and I still have two pots that I can’t use.

Don Haven
Damaged pan

We have our order shipped to us 5 quart pan is damaged. I have sent four emails and have not got a response from granite stone yet.

Frankie Acosta
Stretch food storage containers

These the best storage containers ever because they stretch so you can get them shut when you have just a little bit too much food left in there. Thank you Frankie Lynn Acosta

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