Granitestone 8" Round Fry Pan - Non-Stick Granite Coating

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Pioneering Granite Stone Diamond cookware features titanium and diamond-infused coating that is the perfect blend of nonstick, durability, and ease of use. Granite Stone Diamond cookware is pressed from a single sheet of aluminum and layered 3 times with our proprietary coating for the ultimate nonstick experience which requires no oil, making healthy cooking easy.

Customer Reviews

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Greg A Nichols
Non-stick is good.

It is far to early for a comprehensive review, but so far the pan has performed as advertised.

Paul Passarelli
The only one that arrived intact.

Part of a three pan order. The other two arrived damaged due to negligent shipping. Meaning there was no packing material in any of the boxes, no doubt to cut costs. This pan being the smallest, managed to survive due to small things being stronger than large things on a volume/volume ratio; all other things, like the thickness of the pans, being equal.


Truly anti stick and no unhealthy stuff. I want to order more of this product. 10 stars!

Major Krajcik
Great cooking

Everything that the commercial says is true. I threw away all the old pans and I have. 5 granitestone pans in my kitchen

Danny Way
Fried egg pan

Perfect for my routine breakfast of eggs and sausage with very quick clean up. Great product.

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