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You lied to me about cost of chopper and falsely charged me hundreds of dollars more than represented in outlandish offering / recording after I simply wanted to by granite knives

Very poor customer service

Months later and havnt received my first purchase and can’t get any help or answers of why or when


Ordered the 6 piece knife set and was very disappointed. They are not sharp even after sharpening them I can’t even cut through a potato skin. Forget about cutting a steak


This pizza oven is amazing!!! One of the best purchase we have made. Cooked our homemade pizza to perfect in 8 minutes!!
So glad we got it and would highly recommend

Non-stick is good.

It is far to early for a comprehensive review, but so far the pan has performed as advertised.

Love these pans!

Soo happy with my new set!

Mis ollas favoritas

Como sugerencia mía sería no utilizar fuego muy alto a fuego medio cocinan perfectamente y así evitan el manchado por exceso de calor es más el cuidado que uno le de a cualquier material,me gusta que la comida no se pega.


I love this set so much! Everything cooks so evenly and don't stick at all. The handle also is never hot to the touch. Cleaning is a breeze as well little to no scrubbing needed.

No se pegan pero se manchan muy feo de adentro en el primer uso se mancharon y de afuera también la verdad no es lo que esperaba

Nice replacement

Just as described perfect replacements for pizano stone

Love it!!!

It took some practice to learn how to slide the dough off the wooden boards but once I mastered that… the rest was easy! We make pizza once a week with our Piezano. I can make four pizzas in about 30 minutes!

It A very good product easy clean and non-stick

10 out of 10

This set is beautiful! Durable and a must buy! It’s everything you need in 1 a true money saver! Easy to clean!

Love this pizza oven!!

Works amazing, pizza taste so good and easy to use

Love it!

The only thing by I don’t line is it only fires, for me, the personal pizza. Almost everything is too big. Love it though.

Granitestone Get Some Nest! 6 PC Nesting Pots

Works perfect

Works perfect and pizza comes out perfect everytine

Never opened the box

I wanted the other set with the steam and fry items so I ordered that set in Green. I love my green set and the customer service I received when I found some of the green pans/tops were damaged was by far the best I’ve ever received! The pots and pans are literally nonstick and clean up is a breeze!!


The best thing since sliced bread!!!!!

Replacement stone!

Fast service, great product! I purchased this one to designate for gluten free pizza making! Highly recommend

Terrible and customer service is non existing. Save your money and buy carote pans.

Not what is advertised

I bought a set of the granitestone cookware due to reviews I have had it less than a month and things are sticking (it won't come off) and it has a hole on the bottom just from the drive top. I am so disappointed.

Best pans for everything!

My fiance keeps scratching pans. So after 3yrs and 10 pans I found these and we've been scratch and stick free for 6mos. We loved them so much we got all 3 sizes for pans as well. I love that they're the healthiest pans we could find and all those harsh chemicals free. My mom loved how beautiful they looked so as a dog sitting gift I'm getting hee some to try out as well :)
Very happy with these. I use silicone spatulas for easy cleaning as well.