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You lied to me about cost of chopper and falsely charged me hundreds of dollars more than represented in outlandish offering / recording after I simply wanted to by granite knives

Very poor customer service

Months later and havnt received my first purchase and can’t get any help or answers of why or when


Ordered the 6 piece knife set and was very disappointed. They are not sharp even after sharpening them I can’t even cut through a potato skin. Forget about cutting a steak

Dislike already scratches with used of metal products

NutrBlade 6 piece knife set

This so far is the best knife set I have purchased. Well worth the investment, don't need any other knifes with this set.

9” square skillet

Pan is warped and can’t be used. I filed a claim and never got a response.

So I’m am not satisfied!

Not as advertised

2 or 3 uses with plastic utensils made for nonstick and it scratched badly. Been using nonstick for decades. Never seen it scratch so quickly.

warranty not fulfilled

Had a defective pan and not replaced

Great little pan

Non stick!

Spectacular pan

I bought my 8 inch fry pan from Kohl’s. It’s amazing- cooks evenly - no butter or oil necessary other than your preference- the handle stayed cool. It’s aesthetically beautiful- look forward to future purchases

These pots, pans, baking dishes and the regular knives are amazing!! The steak knife set isn’t as good tho, it’s like the teeth catch more on the meat VS cutting through it like their other knives do. Don’t get me wrong, the steak knives are SHARP! The serrated edges just catch before they cut, so I use their other knife set to cut everything and it’s like cutting through butter no matter what you cut on! Even frozen meat!! Excellent purchase!

Granitestone 5 Piece Stackable Mini Cookware Set


I've tried every pizza maker from UUNI on down, nothing 'came out right' and sometimes I couldn't even say why. The last I tried was the Chefman I got in December and that's being returned to costco later today. This one tops everything I've tried. I'll need some practice to handle the split peel but even my first imperfect try with it was better than I've made since I lost my good oven when I moved 6 years ago. I'm so sick of 'experimenting' and never getting 'good enough.' This was great on the first try. Love it! Sorry, no pictures cause it's all gone.

Love the color

Haven’t used anything yet but love the color

Stopped working

We had our grill one year and it started being to hot even on low. It was burning our food.

The pan came warped-it was packed in a box that was too small. The handle was sticking out of the corner of the box when it arrived. Still trying to get it replaced!

Great pans

We love these pans. Everything cooks great in them. Good quality..very heavy duty. Glad I bought them!

It was smaller than I thought

Amazing and beautiful knives

Wow what a difference. I bought the granite stone steak knives and they are simply the best. They look fantastic, have comfort handles and most importantly, they cut like a dream.
I would definitely recommend.

Fantastic little pizza oven

This pizza oven is fantastic. I think I've cooked about 50 pizzas at this point and I'm still amazed how good this works after each one.

Works great! Delivers as promised. Kids loved it

Very nice to cook with

These pots are really nice for my needs. I especially like the steamer and fryer basket. The pots, however, dent easily. I have a corner base cabinet and the Dutch oven shifted a little and has some dents in the side where it rubbed on the cabinet :(